Change Should Be Done In Private School -University -Based On True Story |By-Arun-Vijay|

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Based On ‪#‎True‬ Story !!
You Have To Be Rich Enough To Join Private Universitie’s. Because For One Supply You Have To Pay 1000/- !! If You Are Passing In The Exam’s You Will Be Failed – | Reason’s You Been Failed Or Detained |
1 . IF You are been passing In All Semester’s You Are So, Eligible For The Interview (As Companies Too Make Contract That They Will Assigning Student’s From This Year To Other Yell Year !!
And The Students will Be Removed From Their Respective Work .
2 . Sometimes Companies Offer You Job . But They Say’s You That You Have To Wait For Our Call Letter Or Phone
3. Detaining |Procedure|- Increasing The Attendance Ratio Upto -|70-80%| In Some Of The College’s. If Student’s Apply Medical -So, The Management Call It As A Fake Leave -Due To Which Student Can’t Appear And Give Exam’s
4 . Failing – | Doesn’t Have Proper Facility For Proper Teaching |
Due To Which The India Lacks Behind In Education .
5 . Due To Lot Of Supplies The Children Parent’s Have to Forcefully Change The College’s Or Universitie’s | Because Sometime Children’s Go Under Depression |
6 . Whenever a Private University Make New Rule’s . | They Are Not Properly Informed To The Student’s |
7. Facility Support Each Other. Targeting A Particular Student



How To Improve All This Private Sector And Govt. Sector

1. Govt Member’s Should Visit And Take Proper Info Regarding Studies , Rules , And Teacher’s (Are The Management Doing Proper Work Or Not ) Because It’s Not About The Particular Management . It’s About Young Educational Generation System .
2. Job’s Aren’t Been Providing On Grade’s .Every Children Should Be Eligible For Interview .
3.Reviews Should Be Taken From Every Student At Month’s Last About Their Studies .
4. For Uninteligble Student Various Classes | Section’s Should Be Conducted | Make Him/Her Integible So, That Future Generation Know About Particular Thing
5. Govt. Should Know The Wealth Of A Particular Institution -i.e Weather They Are Using In Right Manner Or Not | For education Purpose |

Now A Day’s Every Private And Govt Education System Is Like A Business !!
Just People Are Blind For Some Sort Of Money . | Don’t Want To Lead Education In Right Way For Coming Generation |
Have Some Fear About Yourself or From God .. Open Your Closed Eyes !!

My Word’s Are On War Fire !!
To Burn Out Some Greedy Of The Society !!
Before Taking War With Me. Read My Name Arun Vijay Carefully
Now I Am Not Gone Stop
I Took ‪#‎Oath‬ Myself To Change The Nation

‪#‎YouthVoice‬ ‪#‎StandFor‬ ‪#‎RightDecision‬ ‪#‎ChangeEducation‬ ‪#‎Phase

You Too Take The Oath !!! For Your Future


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